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Grade 5 - Mrs. Mitchell

Sally MitchellWelcome to Fifth Grade! My name is Sally Mitchell. I am looking forward to another great year teaching fifth grade. If you have any questions or concerns, please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

I teach Science to all fifth and sixth grade students. Before that, I was a Special Ed. Asst. / Instructional Asst. in Londonderry for five years. I have four children -- the oldest is also a teacher.

Jumping into June

IMG_0117Did this year go as fast as I think it did?  We were so busy learning that it just flew by!  I will miss this class but luckily I'll be their 6th grade Science teacher.

We learned more about all the Sacraments, about Mary and how we honor her through the year, and how our church is one, holy, catholic, and apostolic.  The students are making a "Sacrament Book" using the textbook. They will be cutting out text and pictures that they think are important to convey what is important to them about the sacraments.

They learned about the Scientific Method, the Engineering Design Process, the Classification of different organisms, cells, the human body systems, growth and survival of plants and animals, ecosystems, and weather and climate. They made some really wonderful projects for the bodies systems and for STEM day. It was a very successful year.

The 6th grade was just as busy as they studied the water in our atmosphere which included the oceans, fresh water, and weather.  They explored about Earth, the Moon and Sun and how they are connected to each other.  They delved into the Earth and the forces that make it work.

Spelling was quite the challenge with lots of new and some review words from 4th grade.  Spellingcity was a big help to them especially for their tests on the iPads.  We finished all 30 lessons and the review lessons after every 5 lessons.

The students produced many interesting bookreports monthly that included different genres such as biographies, humor, and historical fiction.

We enjoyed visits with out buddies in 2J.  We are looking forward to a picnic with them on June 3rd.

As you can see fifth grade was a very busy year.  We wish everyone a long relaxing summer to get ready for next year in the 6th grade.

Mrs. Mitchell, Pierce, Charlie, Maryfei, Josh, Krystal, Joe, Madelynn, Brenna, Anna, Nathan, Polina, Derek, Madison, Trevor, Emily, Matt, Kelechi, Cam, Ambrose, Bella, Rohan, Kaylie, Kavin, Jamie, and Annika.


April News From 5M

springWelcome to Spring!  It has been long awaited.  The fifth grade was busy this past  month as we waited for more nice weather. They finished their Engineering Design Process project for The STEM Fair. They were a huge success. The students then presented their projects to their class. They all did very well.

The 6th grade is learning about the  Solar System they live in and then we will focus on the planet that we live on.  They will learn about Earth's structure and the forces that make it seem almost alive.

The book report for this month is Humor.  They will be making their own "comic strip" to tell their story. It will be due April 20, 2016.

The spelling lessons to be covered this month are  25, and review of lessons 21-25,and 26.  Don't forget to practice on spellingcity.com.

In religion we will be learning about the sacraments of Matrimony and Holy Orders.

The students will be writing some poetry for the Poetry Slam at the end of the month.  Hopefully you'll be able to join us.

5M would like to wish you a very happy Spring and a great vacation,

Mrs. Mitchell, Pierce, Charlie, Maryfei, Josh, Krystal, Joe, Madelynn, Brenna, Anna, Nathan, Polina, Derek, Madison, Trevor, Emily, Matt, Kelechi, Cam, Ambrose, Bella, Rohan, Kaylie, Kavin, Jamie, and Annika



February News

21533033 We made it throught January with not one snow day!  I think that might be a record.  It did make it easier to cover the curriculum.  The students finished their Human Body projects and they were wonderful.  They worked hard and it showed.  A special entry will be up next week when I get all the kids pictures with their projects.

The first week of February is Catholic School Week.  There are many activities planned for the kids beginning with the whole school meeting in the church on Monday to say the Rosary in Spanish with Senora Bichrest. Tuesday is P. J. and buddy day.  We get to wear our pjs and see a movie with our buddies in 2J.  Wednesday is Spirit Day and Ice Cream Sundae day.   The students can wear their Husky Pride shirts or any St. Chris shirts.  Thursday is a really busy day with skating in the morning and working on our auction project in the afternoon. It is also beach day so when we get back from winter we can change into our summer "beach"wear.  (No bathing suits).  Friday will end with Mass being led by 6E and 1M.

In February the fifth grade will be finishing up the body's systems.  The sixth grade will be learning about Earth and our place in this vast universe that God has created for us.

Spelling will be lessons 17, 18, and 19.  Don't forget to practice on spellingcity.com.

The students will continue to read Stone Fox.  The students are enjoying reading about the trials of a 10 year old named Willy and his dog Searchlight.  The February book report is about Adventure.  The directions went home the last week in January.  It is due February 17.

February 10 is Ash Wednedsay, please join us for Mass at 9:15.  On Friday, the 12th, please join us as 5M leads the school in the Stations of the Cross at 2:15.  

The students will be exchanging Valentine cards on Friday, February 12 in the afternoon.  They will decorate a lunch bag to carry home their cards.  I will provide the bags.

And finally this leads to our February vacation.  Have fun!!

Mrs. Mitchell and 5M

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