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June News

This year went by in a "blink of an eye." I'll miss this eager, creative, and enthusiastic group of learners; I enjoyed working with them.

End of the year activities include two events with our buddy class, 2R. On June 1st we'll get together for our annual paper airplane flying contest. Next week we'll share animal stories with each other. 4T is writing and illustrating fables complete with morals and 2R is writing fantasy animal stories. I look forward to the event. If it's a nice day, we can read our stories on the back lawn.


On Friday, June 8th both classes will go on a field trip to Pennichuck Water Works as we finish our year in science culminating with the water cycle. I've never been to our reservoir in Nashua so this is a learning experience for me, too.


On June 13th both third  and fourth grades will spend the day at Sargent Avenue Park for an all-day fun day. The atmosphere will be relaxed and easy, and a sign-up genius will be emailed to parents to sign up for treats. Let's hope for nice sunny weather!


4T will challenge 4D for an end-of-the-year spelling bee. So... 4T students please begin reviewing and studying.


We'll also be working on review packets in math with worthwhile practice and some fun pages. Small prizes will be awarded as individuals successfully complete each section and compete only against themselves.


It's time to say ciaou, ciaou, as my grandchildren say. Have a marvelous summer. I'll be on my way to Chile soon and experiencing winter in July. I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with such a wonderful and supportive group of parents.