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April News

Allelulia! Happy Easter! Happy Spring! We'll be getting out into the school garden very soon to clean up and get ready for the season. I'm planning to start cucumber plants indoors for the raised beds.

Inside science class is more physics than botany. The fourth grade is working with static electricity, electric circuits, magnetism, and electromagnetism, lots of hands-on activities as the students work in pairs or groups of three.


We're beginning a unit on verbs in English, and writing "how to" paragraphs for writing. The students did very well on the adjective unit test.


Reading brings us to the Antarctic for a non-fiction piece written in diary form. We'll follow this up with a fictional trip about a colony on the moon. We're really going far from Nashua this quarter. Ha!


We can't forget math. We've hit a few snags with adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators finding the least common multiple and creating equivalent fractions. And of course, students need to reduce to simplest terms. We're practicing and practicing.


I'll be in Cincinnati Easter week for the NCEA conference. I'm leaving the class in the very capable hands of Mrs. Labrecque, again.


Until next time...

Mrs. T