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March News

At St. Chris we are observing the holy season of Lent, preparing ourselves for Easter.  Every Friday afternoon we attend the Stations of the Cross, and 4T will lead the readings for the school next week.


We are marching along with the curriculum in math. I am happy with the students' grasp of fractions. Today we compared fractions with unlike denominators and soon will be adding and subtracting them. Having mastered the times tables, these new skills won't present too much of a challenge. Don't forget to have your child get extra practice on IXL on Thursday nights.


Energy is the topic in science: sound energy, light energy, and thermal. Our topic for the STEM fair is acoustical engineering and goes along with this unit in our book. Come to the fair and learn all about it.


Both fourth grades will be writing limericks for our next poetry activity. Rhyme and rhythm is very important in this playful form of poetry as humor plays a large role. We'll be able to share these with the school on St. Patrick's Day.


We'll be having a VIP reception for our book reports on March 14th. Students will dress as the person chosen for their biography and mingle with the other important people talking about their lives. They are asked to know the challenges and successes of their chosen individual as we gather together in a circle learning about the lives of these famous people. I'll be the only one playing myself.


Ask your child about the Navajo code writers. This is a fascinating historical account in our literature book. These Native Americans wrote secret codes for our country during World War II that was so intricate and clever that it was never deciphered by the enemy.


We've finished another unit in spelling and the kids should be preparing for the spelling bee which will begin on Thursday, March 8th and continue with the final rounds on Friday morning.


As you can see lots of learning is taking place in 4T. This is a particularly good group of workers. Questions or concerns? Don't hesitate to contact me.


Until next time...


Mrs. T