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February News

Here we go cruising along into the third quarter. We've been very busy with our curriculum and the exciting Catholic School Week activities, which the kids love. (the teachers, too) Bowling in pajamas was probably the favorite. Now back to academics.


In math we are finishing up division, order of operation, and finding the mean. There will be a test Friday, the 9th, and then on to fractions, a topic which is a little more hands on. Don't forget to work on IXL on Thursday night or whenever it fits into your schedule. Connor is our star who has logged on hours of practice. Kudos to him.


In English we just had a test on pronouns, and we'll be starting Unit 4, verbs, their correct usage and tenses. Our descriptive paragraphs have been kind of on the back burner with our snow days and delays, but we'll still be tackling them this week and next. Descriptions are a great way to build vocabulary. Teaching the thesaurus is part of the plan using books and online.


Reading and science have become symbiotic partners as we read "Kwame," a story about the Elephant Listening Project (ELP) in Ghana. We're working on our own acoustical activities for the STEM fair.


The most recent book report dioramas were awesome: Sam with Gulliver pinned down by the Lilliputians, Anthony with his expertly created castle, and Kayden with a house that really looked on fire with lights and red transparencies. Students talked about their selected scene with enthusiasm. I loved them all. The next report will be due in mid March. Directions will go home next week for a biography.


The fourth commandment was our focus in religion. Honor your father and mother. We've talked about respect and obedience.


I'm always available to answer questions, help solve a problem, or listen to a complaint. I'll be leaving on my yearly trip to Chile on February 16th. Mrs. Angela Labrecque, a seasoned teacher, will be substituting for me for the week before vacation. I'll be in contact with the school through e-mail.


Until next time...


Mrs. T