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January MMVIII

Happy New Year! May you all be blessed with health and happiness, and may your children love learning. There's a lot going on in January. We're looking forward to Catholic Schools Week at the end of the month, and we'll be starting our STEM project.


The title of this page gives a clue to our topic this week in math: Roman numerals. These are fun and handy to know. This is really a mini lesson because our unit this month is dividing large numbers and interpreting  remainders. We've practiced a little in 2017, but now we hope to master this skill.


In reading the January book report has been assigned, and  maybe some of the students got a head start on it during the snow days. This month, students are to read a fantasy book and construct a diorama of an important scene. The "bottle people" in November were fantastic, so I'm expecting an equal amount of creativity and pizzazz. Also don't forget to have your child read at least five nights a week. I'm happy to report that most of the fourth graders are very faithful with their reading logs.


We're finishing Unit 4 and ecosystems in science and are reviewing facts together in class. The test is Tuesday, January 8th. Then we will begin a rather long unit on sound using a kit from the Boston Science Museum that has plenty of activities. This will lead into our STEM presentation on acoustical engineering.


In English we'll be working on descriptive paragraphs, and the students will be urged to use strong adjectives and verbs in their writing pieces. We'll be able to use thesauruses on the i-pads to give us some suggestions for word usage.  We always share our writing pieces in class with reading/writing circles which the kids seem to like.


In religion we're studying the parts of the Mass which will make it more meaningful for the students. We'll have a mini tour of the church, read next Sunday's gospel, study the liturgy of the word, and delve into the most sacred part of the Mass, the Eucharist.


Our poem this month will be "Jabberwocky" by Lewis Carroll, a little nonsense to get us through these frigid winter days.


Please note that I'm always available to you. I am grateful for your help and support.  Until next time...

Mrs. T