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November News

Happy November!   I am grateful for my crop of students in 4T. They did a great job with the readings at today's All Saints Day Mass. We'll be doing another celebration in December with our buddies in 2R as we'll be joining together for the Christmas prayer service. In religion we have been studying the liturgical year and have noted that we're near the end of ordinary time and we'll soon be into Advent. OOps, I guess I'm rushing the seasons a bit?!?


In math most of the students have mastered the times tables from 2 to 9 which will come in handy as we segue into chapter 4 and multiplication. Please remember to have your child work on IXL multiplication on Thursday nights. Kelsey, Connor, and Sam have logged an impressive number of minutes. Bravo! Practice makes perfect, of course, and it just doesn't work to count on your fingers for two and three digit multipliers.


Adaptations allow plants and animals to survive. A fun activity in science was experimenting with different bird beaks (clothes pins, tweezers, toothpicks, chopsticks) and discovering what beaks were best suited for what kinds of foods. (seeds, berries, worms, and insects) Our next lesson involves Gregor Mendel and his study of genetics. A vocab test on this unit is coming up soon.


Irregular plurals in English can be confusing, so we've been doing a lot of drill with these nouns. We'll be coming back to subjects and direct objects again as we see the roles of nouns in sentences. More diagramming is involved.


We've finished Because of Winn-Dixie and the students did a character study in their literature response journal. I feel that they have an in-depth understanding of the dual themes of friendship and loneliness. In literature we'll be reading an historical fiction piece about Lewis and Clark and their dog, Seaman, in our Reading Street Series. Another dog story! How fun!

Please come to Barnes and Noble next Tuesday and hear the fourth graders say a poem in unison. I hope you'll be impressed.


Until next time...


Mrs. T