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October News

...Something told the wild geese it was time to fly

Summer sun was on their wings, winter in their cry...

We're enjoying another poem with a scientific theme: Something Told the Wild Geese by Hillaire Belloc. What prompts the instinct to migrate or hibernate we wonder. Colder or darker days? Is it always the same time of month? We've started Chapter 3 in science, and we're classifying living things in all sorts of ways. We know that most  plants reproduce by seeds, for example. Students brought in specimens. We've tapped seeds out of pine cones, looked at spores on ferns with magnifying glasses, and noticed the diversity represented by a coconut which is able to float in the ocean and the tiny seeds of black-eyed susans that blow in the wind.

A touch of algebra is creeping into our math class as we write mathematical expressions with variables. All we're really doing is adding and subtracting, but we're setting up a balanced equation to find the answer. We continue to have weekly multiplication quizzes, and the students are acing those. I have assigned IXL in math on a weekly basis. (one half hour minimum) We worked on place value in class on IXL, and now students are to go on to the addition section on their own.

Parts of speech in English have proven to be a little challenging. This week we're working on direct objects and subject complements. Diagramming has helped to show the differences. In writing the students are experimenting with different leads to their personal narratives. We want to "hook the reader" right from the beginning sentence. "Because of Winn-Dixie," our class book continues to be fun to read.

Sin, conscience, the parables of the Good Samaritan, and the Prodigal Son are topics that we're studying and discussing in religion. Every chapter has a test at the end which is completed by the students on Thursdays.

Your children are doing well. Progress reports come out on October 6th which will give you a more complete update.


Until next time,


Mrs. T