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June News

We're cruising into June, still working, still studying, still learning new things.


In religion we've been studying the hierarchy of the Church, the elections of the popes and how they can be traced back in a line to Peter and then Jesus, himself. And, of course, Pope Francis is the first pope from the Americas/


In math, decimals were found to be easier than fractions, but boy those two and three step word problems can be tricky. Ryan solved a particularly complex one today. On to a taste of geometry, shapes, and measurements for our final week and a half.


How vast our galaxy is! What a surprising number of exoplanets have been found by scientists. In science our discussions tend to be "out of this world." We're finishing up our unit on space. Students drew illustrations of lunar and solar eclipses, and Scarlett and Ava arranged an attractive bulletin board. Our last vocabulary test will be on Friday.


In literature, we read an intriguing nonfiction piece about the Navajo code writers of World War II, and we've been experimenting with codes (including the morse code) for fun.


Two more spelling tests for the year, so keep working on those weekly words. Chloe won our last spelling bee. Maybe we'll be able to fit one more in the last couple of days of school.


Have you noticed the flowers out back? The fourth grade donated and planted them. A big thank you to Mrs. Marget and Mrs. Uong who willingly got down in the dirt to help out.


I thoroughly enjoyed working with this year's batch of fourth graders. Parents you're doing a great job with your children. In the words of my 3 year old Chilean granddaughter, " Ciao, ciao." It's been great knowing you and working with you.


Mrs. T