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The wonderful Month of May

Virtue is its own reward. In 4T religion we've finished the ten commandments, and we'll be delving into virtues starting with the three theological ones of faith, hope, and love. We'll be studying the gifts and fruits of the Holy Spirit and learn about holiness. Because it's May, we'll also be saying the rosary in class and examining the significance of the events in Mary's life by a study of the joyful, sorrowful, and glorious mysteries.


Let's hope May is good to us, weatherwise. I'm planning to make sundials and study shadows at different times of the day. Lunch on the picnic tables would be fun, also, and of course, we've got our flowers to plant. Have you noticed the colorful tulips around the schoolyard? Those were planted in October. Today we started a new unit in science. I'm impressed by the kids' background knowledge. We talked about exoplanets, the size of the Milky Way galaxy, and why Earth is niknamed the "Goldilocks planet." This is a fun unit, and it'll take us right through May.


In math, a test on fractions is scheduled for Wednesday. Then it's on to decimals and then geometry. Don't forget IXL on Thursday nights. Jacob has logged  the most time recently. Bravo, Jacob! Practice makes perfect for everyone.


My own goal for the month of May in English is teaching a lot of writing, some creative pieces but mostly expository ones starting with persuasive essays. In April we focused on poetry, experimenting with haiku, and also writing poems about the seasons for the poetry slam. Speaking of which the fourth grade winners were... Drum roll please.... Chloe, Emma, Puneet, and Will!!! Well-written and well-read kids! We're proud of you.


Homework will continue through the month of May. A spelling bee is scheduled for this week, so studying and review pages have already been assigned. Students should continue their nightly reading. The book report will be taking on a different format this month. (to be announced and explained later this week)


Thirty one more days to go! Hang in there, students, and let's all go out in a burst of excellence. Until next time...


Mrs. T