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April News

April is an exciting month. Daffodils and tulips, that we planted in the fall, are starting to peek through the snow. Next week I'll be restarting the garden club with 4th grade aftercare students who are interested. All of the 4th graders will be out on Earth Day, April 21st, to get the gardens ready for spring and summer.


April is also "Poetry Month," and the annual poetry slam will also be held on April 21st. The theme, this year, is "the seasons." Students will write poems about an event that is unique to a particular season without mentioning the name of the season. Rhymed and unrhymed poems are eligible for submission.


4T will be leading the stations of the cross on April 7th. ( 1p.m. in the church this time)  In the meantime we're studying the stations in religion and discussing the significance of each of them. The next week, starting April 9th, is Holy Week and our studies will involve the Triduum.


Don't you just love rocks?  Pumice floats. Hematite was used in ancient cave paintings. The golden luster and the unique flat, cleavage of mica is intriguing. It's fun to find fossils in sedimentary rocks. Even slate may have imprints of ferns from millions of years ago. Copper and aluminum in their natural states look nothing like the metals we're familiar with. Can you tell that this is my favorite chapter? We'll be finishing up this chapter in science before April vacation. Notes quiz: April 5th. Vocabulary quiz: April 7th.


In math, some kids are still struggling, a little, with reducing and comparing fractions. IXL has some great drills on fractions, and remember all are welcome to my Wednesday morning math clinic.


Until next time...


Mrs T