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Grade 4 - Mrs. Ternan

Claire TernanWelcome to Fourth Grade! Hands-on activities are an integral part of the program. I think the best part of teaching at St. Chris is the students; they are enthusiastic, curious, and eager to learn. If you have any questions or concerns, please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .


I have been teaching at St. Christopher School for over thirty years, mostly in the 4th grade. I am certified in elementary education and English. Although I have my Masters in Writing and Literature, my greatest love is the teaching of science. I have a grown son and daughter, both of whom graduated from St. Chris, and four grandchildren, one in Brookline, MA and three in Santiago, Chile.


Welcome Back!

Dear 4th Graders and Parents,

Welcome!  I'm preparing our classroom for an exciting fourth grade experience, and maybe you're reading the last few pages of The Midnight Fox. It's been a great summer, but it's time to come back. Cool We'll be writing stories, reading poems, practicing math facts, drawing maps, and looking at items under a microscope, but you students are the most important ingredient to a great year. Be sure to rest up, eat a good breakfast, and I'll  see you on Tuesday, August 30th for "meet the teacher" day.

Mrs. T Smile


May News

Six more weeks to go and a whole lot more to experience in fourth grade! The students were tested on the 10 commandments, and most of them aced it.  We'll be working on the marks of the Church: one, holy, catholic, and apostolic and studying the rosary. The students were delighted with Vocation Day. Brother Mark, Sister Jane, and Sister Mary Rose enthralled the students with their interesting lives and vocations. We traveled vicariously with them to Australia, Africa, and Northern New Hampshire.

The tulips that we planted in the fall have blossomed beautifully.  On Monday, May 23rd, we'll be planting the annuals in the butterfly garden and other areas around the school.  The grounds will be bursting out in color. This is part of our science program.  In class we're doing something entirely different--we're constructing electrical circuits and electromagnets.

The visual arts program and literature paired up this month as we read a biography of Grandma Moses and created murals. Then Mrs. Landry followed up with her original project and lesson. We have been immersed in American folk art, and you can see the results on both fourth grade classes bulletin boards.

I tell the students that a day without math is like a day without sunshine. We always manage to get in a vigorous math workout.  We just finished geometry: perimeter, area, and volume. We measured the school yard, so if you want to walk a mile go around its perimeter 10 1/2 times. Decimals is next on the agenda followed by long division. Wednesday morning math clinic is still in session at 8 a.m. before school.

I'm working on a couple of end of the year field trips for the final days.  I'll keep  you posted.

Contact me at any time. I enjoy your kids.

Mrs. T


4T Poetry Project in the Computer Lab

Poetry Project on YouTube - Check it out!

Students did a great job with this project, so we would like to share it with parents, family and friends.  Please keep in mind, this YouTube link is private, and can only be accessed if you enter the URL address given with this video:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lgbDcv-VQFM

No one is allowed to comment or rate this video, and they can only be watched on a regular computer (no Smartphones or TV's).

I hope you enjoy this wonderful poetry production!




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