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February is Fabulous

Is it really February already?!  It always amazes me how fast the year seems to fly by!  Even though it is a short month there is still a lot to be done and a lot to learn!  We began the month with Catholic School’s week and some really fun activities and treats!    We will also be working on our STEM Fair project and our Auction project.  We will celebrate Valentine's Day and the beginning of Lent.  Of course, we will end the month with a nice restful February Vacation.

I am still on maternity leave with my beautiful but extremely fussy baby!!  She is getting better, but we have certainly had our struggles!  I am planning to return to school after February vacation.  Although I will miss my little one, I am looking forward to returning to a normal routine and seeing my class!  I know they have been working hard in my absence.  As always, thank you for your continued support!IMG_3056

-Mrs. Donohue

Math:  We are finishing our Division unit, focusing on the steps of long division.  Once we finish this unit, we will move onto Fractions!  Please encourage continues practice of math facts in addition to IXL practice.

English:  In grammar, we are working on our pronoun unit.  After this, we will move onto Adjectives.  We continue to work on applying our grammar skills in our writing and our everyday work.  Students will work on descriptive writing assignment this month.

Reading:  In reading, we are working on the story What Jo Did.  We will then spend some time reading Paddle to the Sea. This is a great story that takes us on an adventure through the Great Lakes.

Religion:  We continue to study the Ten Commandments.  Currently, we are learning about the 4th Commandment.  We will begin learning about Lent and the Stations of the Cross as well.

Social Studies:  We are currently working on the Midwest region.   Please remind your child to study their Social Studies flash cards for a few minutes each night.  Studying is equally as important as written work which is a new concept for 4th graders.  Your encouragement of this is so important.  We are about half way through the Regions unit.  At the end of the Regions unit, students will work to become members of the 50/50 club by being able to name all 50 capitals and being able to label the 50 states on a map!