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November News

WOW!  I can’t believe we are already at the end of 1st quarter.  Where did the time go?  The students in 4D have been very busy learning lots of new things!  They completed their first book report and spent time working on sentence structure and writing a proper paragraph!  They have been adding, subtracting, estimating and working with money!  They read Because of Winn Dixie and practiced reading a map!  What a great first quarter.  There is still so much more to come!

On a personal note, my C-section is scheduled for December 11th.  Barring any unforeseen circumstances, I plan for my last day to be December 8th.  Mrs. Barry will take over as of December 11th.  I will be in contact with her throughout my leave and will check my e-mail when I can, but any immediate concerns should be sent to Mrs. Barry.  You are welcome to e-mail Mrs. Ternan and she can pass along any necessary information.  I hope to be back at school at the beginning of February but will keep you posted as the time approaches.

The following is some information about our curriculum:


Math:  We will soon be starting two minute timed tests focusing on the specific times tables.  We will begin with the 2 times table.  Once a student passes a given times table, they move onto the next one!  Students should practice their facts each night.  During the rest of our Math class we are focusing on Addition and Subtraction.  We are learning to add and subtract larger numbers with regrouping.  We will move onto Multiplication and Division from here!


English:  In grammar we have finished our exploration of sentences and will begin learning about Nouns.   I would like to see students applying the things we have learned in their everyday work.  In writing, we will finally finish our Personal Narratives!!  Students are learning about the writing process during this in class project.  This month we will write a creative story with a Thanksgiving theme!  We will also be working on an acrostic poem for Thanksgiving which will be on display in the hallway when you come in for conferences!


Reading:  In reading, we are working on a historical fiction selection about Lewis and Clark.  We will read another historical fiction selection before moving on to a trickster tale!  The students will really enjoy this genre!  As we continue to read different stories from different genres, we are exploring new vocabulary and are focusing on comprehension in addition to the basic story elements such as plot, character, and setting.  This month we will also do some reading that relates to the specific holidays this month, Veteran’s Day and Thanksgiving!


Book Report:  The students will begin to pick books for the next book report which will be a Fantasy book.  This will be assigned this week.  Please check your child’s binder for requirements and due date!


Spelling:  Students continue to do very well with our spelling words in the activities and taking the tests.  I am working on having students apply that knowledge when they use these words outside of the context of a test.


Religion:  We continue to talk about proper Mass behavior.  We have just started taking a closer look at the Ten Commandments by learning about Moses.  We will start learning about each commandment one by one.  We will also be taking charge of the Thanksgiving Prayer Service on November 21, 2017 at 11:30.  Please join us if you can!


Social Studies:  In Social Studies, we are learning all about the region that we live in, the Northeast.  We will end with a test on the states and capitals of this region and a test on things we learned from the text.  Although the dates are still TBD as we are just starting the chapter, it is important that you help your child study for these tests.  The states and capitals can be tricky!  For this region only, students will also need to label a map with the names of the states.  Students will receive a map of the region to keep in their binder as a study guide.


Parent/Teacher Conferences:  Reminders will be going home soon for conferences on November 16th.  If you have not scheduled a conference yet, please e-mail me.  We can also set something up before school if the 16th does not work for you.