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Grade 4 - Mrs. Donohue


Welcome to Fourth Grade! If you have any questions or concerns, please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

I have been a teacher for over 15 years. I enjoy working with students in the upper elementary grades and my favorite subjects are Social Studies and Reading. I enjoy reading and going to the beach.

February Fun!

Is it really February already?!  It always amazes me how fast the year seems to fly by!  We have officially completed half the year and are well on our way into third quarter!  Even though it is a short month there is still a lot to be done and a lot to learn!  We begin the month with Catholic School’s Week and some really fun activities and treats!  We also start the season of Lent this month with Ash Wednesday on February 10th.  We will celebrate Valentine’s Day on February 12th.  Of course we will end the month with a nice restful February Vacation. 

February also brings my extended medical absence.  I will be out beginning on February 5th and will return sometime after February Vacation.  In my absence, the kids will enjoy spending time with Mrs. Mary Ellen Barry.  The kids became familiar with Mrs. Barry in December and are in good hands!

Please remind your child that if there is something they are struggling with they should come and talk to me so that I can help them!  I thank God every day for such a great group of kids to spend my days with and I thank you for all your support as we continue this year!

-Mrs. Donohue


Math:  As you know, we had our division test last week!  Although that test is behind us, we will continue to practice this skill as well as the other operations we have been learning.  Students should continue to work on practicing their math facts each day.  This month we begin learning about Fractions!

English:  In grammar we will be finishing our unit on pronouns.  After pronouns, we will move onto verbs.  We continue to work on applying our grammar skills in our writing and our everyday work.  Students are finishing a descriptive writing assignment where they are use a picture to write a description.

Reading:  This month we will be reading a novel as a class.  We have already begun reading Stuart Little by EB White.  Students will explore the world of Stuart Little and will meet many exciting characters along the way.  We will be having class discussions as well as continuing to practice answering comprehension questions.  Students will also have an opportunity to share their thoughts in small discussion groups in class.

Book Report:  The Fantasy book report is due on February 18th.  I am excited to see the students’ travel brochures!

Spelling:  We have completed another 5 units in spelling.  We had a Spelling Bee and congratulations go to Vidya for winning this round!  I also want to congratulate Abigail who gave Vidya a hard fight to come in second.  It was a hard fought battle!  The next five units consist of various spelling pattern as well as prefixes.  Students continue to do very well with our spelling words in the activities and taking the tests.   Students really need to work on applying these spelling rules we are learning to their daily work.  They should also make sure they are spelling words properly when these words are on the paper!

Religion:  We continue to study the Ten Commandments.  We will explore the 5th and 6th Commandments.  Also this month, we will celebrate Ash Wednesday and will learn about the Lenten journey.  We will learn about the Stations of the Cross.  Students will receive a packet that they will be responsible for coloring and using to learn the Stations in order.  They will be tested on the Stations of the Cross on Holy Thursday.

Social Studies:  We are in the midst of learning all about the MidWest region including the Great Lakes!  I hope to wrap this region up before vacation.  We will then move on to the Southwest region.  This region only has 4 states and capitals to learn!  Please remind your child to study their Social Studies flash cards for a few minutes each night.  Studying is equally as important as written work; this is a new concept for 4th graders.  Your encouragement of this is so important.  At the end of the Regions unit, students will work to become members of the 50/50 club by being able to name all 50 capitals and being able to label the 50 states on a map!

This month we have some exciting things to look forward to!

February 1-Spanish Rosary 2:10

February 2 PJ Day

February 3-Spirit Day

February 4-Ice Skating/Beach Day

February 5-Buddy Mass 9:15

February 10-Ash Wednesdayvalentines-day-clip-art-Rid6jq4i9

February 12-Valentine’s Celebration                                                                           

February 18-Fantasy Book Report Due

February 23-27-February Vacation


Fantasy Book Report

The Fantasy Book report is due on December 2, 2016.  If you would like to type your Fantasy Book report form, please download the form below.  It is a Word Document.  Once downloaded, all you have to do is delete the lines and type your response in the space below the question!  Don't forget, if you would like to do your brochure on the computer, Word has a brochure template that you might like to use!



Happy New Year!!

Happy 2016!  I want to begin first by saying thank you for all your support and prayers during the unexpected medical absence that took place before the holidays.  I am doing so much better!  Second, I want to say thank you for all the wonderful Christmas surprises!  Your kindness and generosity during the Christmas season made me feel loved and a little spoiled!  I have enjoyed spending these last few months with my fourth graders, getting to know them better each day!  They are a great group of kids!  As we begin 2016, please remind your child about the importance of classroom focus and attention, especially on these cold days when we can’t get outside.  I hope everyone had a great and restful vacation and is ready for the New Year!  We have lots to discover in 2016!

-Mrs. Donohue


Math:  Just before vacation we had a test on multiplication.  We will continue to practice this as we move forward to division.  It is important for the students to continue studying their math facts each night.  The more comfortable they are with their facts, the easier these other skills will be!  Don’t forget, IXL can be done more than just Monday nights!  The more practice, the better!

English:  In grammar we have started our exploration of adjectives.  We continue to work on applying what we know in our writing and other areas of the curriculum.  In writing we will be learning about descriptive writing and will write a descriptive paragraph using a picture prompt.Happy-new-year-2016-clip-art-29

Reading:  As we continue to read different stories from different genres, we are exploring new vocabulary and are focusing on comprehension in addition to the basic story elements such as plot, character, and setting. Toward the end of the month, we will begin reading our 4th grade novel, Stuart Little.

Book Report:  The next book report will be on a book from the Fantasy genre.  This project will be assigned at the beginning of January.

Spelling:  Students continue to do very well with our spelling words in the activities and taking the tests.  I am working on having students apply that knowledge when they use these words outside of the context of a test. 

Religion:  We continue to talk about proper Mass behavior.  We are hard at work learning about The Ten Commandments.  We have just finished the 3rd commandment and will move on to the commandments that focus on the way we treat others.

This month we will begin work on our STEM Fair project.  Although the STEM Fair is not until March, we need plenty of time to perfect our projects before we share them!

Social Studies:  In Social Studies, we are finishing our exploration of the Southeast Region.  We will continue to explore the states and capitals, geography, people and places of this region.  We will test on this region at the beginning of January before moving onto the Midwest region.  At the end of the Regions unit, students will work to become members of the 50/50 club by being able to name all 50 capitals and being able to label the 50 states on a map!

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