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January News

Happy New Year!!

It was great to see everyone back from vacation and the snow days!  I hope everyone enjoyed time with family and friends.


January is full of fun things, and we will be busy!

Math: Division and multiplication are the themes this month.  We will look at how division and multiplication are related.  To reinforce basic skills, we will practice fact families, have timed quizzes, and play math games.  Please remember to visit IXL.com and multiplication.com for more practice at home.

Religion:  We will learn more about how the church continues to teach the true message of Jesus.  We will look at who plays important roles in our parish. Catholic Schools Week will be celebrated at the end of the month.

Social Studies:  Both third grades will study location, climate, and natural resources and how those affect people.  We will "travel" to Montana, Alaska, Hawaii, and Texas and compare and contrast different regions.

Language Arts:  Our focus will be on suffixes, action verbs, tenses of verbs, subject-verb agreement, and irregular verbs.  Adjectives are coming soon!  We are trying to make our journal writing more descriptive and interesting.  Our next book report will center around Black History Month and is due mid-February. Details are coming soon.

Please feel free to come to me with any questions or concerns you may have.