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October News



We are halfway through the first quarter already!  3G has many things in store for October which will keep us busy!

We met our PreK buddies in September, and have gotten together with them for some fun playtime.  We will do more activities this month.  It is nice to see the third graders helping out their new friends.

Math:  in chapter 2, larger digit addition is the focus, soon to move into subtraction.  Each student has their information to log in to IXL math.  This is a great website to reinforce those basic facts.  Word problems and math games continue to strengthen our math comprehension.

Language Arts:  cursive writing is beginning this month!  This is an exciting time!  Some of us are familiar with this so far, but we will all practice hard.  Plural nouns, possessive nouns, syllables, context clues, antonyms, main idea and detail are the themes moving forward. Our first book report is this month.

Religion:  we will be discussing the beginning of the church and how the first Christians were our role models for how we should live.

Social Studies:  rural, suburban, and urban communities will be our focus, and we will be learning about immigrants coming to America to start a new life and experience new opportunities.  We will "travel" around the world as we take a look at all of the different countries our ancestors came from.

We will be having a Halloween party on Tuesday October 31st.  Thank you to those who have offered to contribute in some way.   With plenty of snacks and activities, it's sure to be a great time!  Don't forget to wear your black and orange.