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Kerry Goltsov

Welcome to Third Grade! If you have any questions or concerns, please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

I have taught 3rd grade for over 10 years.  My son Jake is a graduate of St. Christopher School! My hobbies include reading, traveling, going to the beach in the summer, and spending time with my family.

December Book Report

December Book Report

Due: Tuesday, December 20, 2016

For your 2nd book report, you will be making a book report diorama based on a chapter book on a chapter book of your choice (100+ pages). You will be creating your favorite scene from the book.

You will need a shoebox (or a box of similar size), paint, crayons, markers, construction paper for the background, and modeling clay or something of your choice for the characters. (You do not need to buy anything special for this, but can use items you already have at home).

Along with your diorama, you need to include a handwritten piece. Explain why this scene is your favorite. Please also tell us the title of your book, author, setting, main characters, and a brief summary of what the book is about. This should be between a half page to a full page. This can be attached to your diorama. Have fun and happy reading!


December News

3G has a lot planned for this month!  It is sure to keep us busy as we look forward to Christmas vacation. We have shopping for kids, our Christmas concert, Immaculate Conception Mass, Christmas tree lighting, and a book report due!

In Math, we are beginning multiplication.  The class has been looking forward to this and we will review the basic facts daily in class.  Please continue to do this at home.  Pop quizzes can happen at any time!  Another website that is great practice and a lot of fun is www.multiplication.com.  This site offers a variety of games at different levels.

in Religion, we are learning about Catholic Social Teaching, Four Marks of the Church, and ways we can help others during this holiday season as we prepare for Christmas.  Our hallway bulletin board shows the class work in celebration of Advent.

In Language Arts, we are practicing our oral reading and comprehension, vocabulary, contractions, homophones, writing with proper grammar, and drawing conclusions. Spelling City is another great resource to review those weekly spelling words.

In Social Studies, we will be continuing to look at holiday celebrations around the world and how they are celebrated across different cultures. It's interesting to compare and contrast different celebrations with our own.

Both 3rd grades will be attending the showing of Elf Jr. on December 15th.  This is sure to get us in the Christmas spirit!

3G wishes you and your family a peaceful and very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


November News

November is here and we are well on our way in third grade!  Our first book report is complete, and the class did a wonderful job sharing their books in character.  We were able to see history come to life and some of our favorite movie characters.

In Math, we are concentrating on Subtraction.  Estimating differences, regrouping across 3 and 4 digit numbers, regrouping with zeros, and solving more advanced word problems is the focus this month.  We will soon be geting into multiplication.  In addition to IXL, www.multiplication.com is a great site to visit to practice these skills.

In Social Studies, we will be looking at immigrants from different countries around the world and their holiday celebrations.  We will also learn about the history of these holidays.

In Language Arts, the focus will be on syllables, comparing and contrasting, context clues, singular and plural nouns, and possessive nouns.

In Religion, Chapter 5 takes us into learning about the first members of the church, and how the church continues to grow.  We are reading stories about the mission of the apostles and how they continued the work of Jesus.

3G wishes all of you a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families.

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