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March Newsletter

Math- In March we will work on Chapter 6 in our Progress in Mathematics book on “More Multiplication and Division”. In chapter 6, students will multiply and divide using 6,7,8, and 9. Students will multiply using three factors. Students will also relate multiplication and division. Finally, students will solve problems using the “guess and test” strategy.

Religion- We are learning the ways in which we pray as Catholics. Students will gain a deeper understanding of the parish as a Catholic community and the various ways people serve in their parish.

Science- This month students will work on chapter 6 of their Science text. Students will learn about the water cycle and weather patterns.

We look forward to showing off our egg drop challenge projects at STEM night!

Language Arts- In Language Arts, students will be learning how to spell words with VCCCV syllable pattern, define and correctly use prepositions, understand elements of folk tales, and recognize cause & effect relationships.