3D February Newsletter

Math- In February we will finish Math chapter 5 on the topic of division, and move on to Chapter 6 on “More Multiplication and Division”. In chapter 6, students will multiply and divide using 6,7,8, and 9. Students will multiply using three factors. Students will also relate multiplication and division. Finally, students will solve problems using the “guess and test” strategy.

Religion- In Religion chapter 10 students will learn the ways in which we pray as Catholics. Students will gain a deeper understanding of the parish as a Catholic community and the various ways people serve in their parish.

Science- In chapter 5 of our Science text, we will study Ecosystems. Students will identify ways in which living and non-living things interact with an ecosystem. Students will describe how energy flows through ecosystems in a food chain and explain how a food web is organized.

This month students will also work on an Engineering is Elementary project from the Museum of Science. Students will work in teams to design buildings that can survive in an earthquake.

Language Arts- In Language Arts, students will be working on using irregular and plural nouns. Students will determine the main idea of text. Students will also learn strategies to determine the meaning of unknown or multiple-meaning words and phrases.


3rd Grade February Book Report

Due February 22, 2018

Celebrating Black History Month

February is Black History Month and a remembrance to the important people and events in African American History. We have included a list of famous African Americans for you to choose from. You may be reading about a Civil Rights Leader, Educator, Government Official, Inventor, Athlete, Musician, or Astronaut.

This book report is called “Dear Diary” and you will be writing as if you are the character. You are to design a diary or journal.  After reading your book, write at least 7 entries that might have been written by the character. Remember, in a diary or journal you are writing with feeling and emotion of the events that are taking place – good or bad. Please provide plenty of details about these events. You certainly may include pictures throughout your diary or journal. Be creative with this and really put yourself in the character’s shoes – become this person as you are writing and think about what feelings and thoughts you would have if this was you.

Please make sure you include the title and author of your book(s). Have fun with this and maybe you will learn a little about yourself along the way!

Langston Hughes . Duke Ellington . Willie Mays . Hank Aaron . George Washington Carver . Muhammad Ali . Wilma Rudolph . Maya Angelou . Martin Luther King Jr. . Coretta Scott King . Rosa Parks . BB King . Harriet Tubman . Shirley Chisolm . Thurgood Marshall . Douglas Wilder . Jackie Robinson . Clara Brown . Booker T. Washington . Frederick Douglass . Sojourner Truth . Mae Jemison