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January Newsletter

Math- In January, our class will continue to work on multiplication concepts and facts. Students have been working on multiply twos, threes, fours, and fives. Later in the month, we will move on to chapter 5 on the topic of division! Students will learn how to divide by 2,3,4, and 5. Students will also learn how to use 1 and 0 in division.  We will work on relating multiplication and division, and solving problems by writing a number sentence.

Religion- In Religion chapter 9, children will learn more about the Church and ways in which the Church teaches us.

Science-We are currently wrapping up chapter 4 of our Science text on Living Things. In chapter 5, we will study Ecosystems. Students will identify ways in which living and non-living things interact with an ecosystem. Students will describe how energy flows through ecosystems in a food chain and explain how a food web is organized.

Reading- This month we will be reading the stories A Symphony of Whales, Around One Cactus, and The Man Who Invented Basketball. Some of the skills that we will be focusing on are word choice, past/present/future tenses, suffixes, rhyme, definition, and irregular verbs.