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November Newsletter



Math- In November our class will be working on chapter 3 in our Progress in Mathematics book. In chapter 3 students will learn four meanings of subtraction, subtract 2-, 3-, and 4- digit numbers, with and without regrouping, and estimate differences. Students will regroup hundreds and thousands.

Religion- In chapter 4 of our Religion books, students will learn about Jesus’ Second Coming. In this chapter children will learn about the Holy Spirit coming at Pentecost and about the growth of the early Church.

Language Arts- In Language Arts students will be learning about the final syllable –le, comparing and contrasting, context clues, expression and punctuation clues, persuasive speech, word choice, and singular and plural nouns.

Science- In Science chapter 3, students will learn about how plants grow and change. Students will learn how to classify plants, and how leaves help plants live, grow, and produce food.