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October Newsletter

Math-In chapter 2 of our Progress in Mathematics books, students will add 2-, 3-, and 4- digit numbers, with and without regrouping. Students will also use related facts to find missing addends.

Religion- In Religion chapter 2, students will be introduced to Jesus’ teaching about God’s love and the Kingdom of God. In Religion chapter 3, students will learn about the Last Judgment and that Jesus taught us to love others.

Science- In Science chapter 2, students will identify and describe ways that technology solves problems, identify some simple machines and how they help people to do work, and explain how to conduct an investigation using the design process.

Language Arts- In Language Arts we are continuing with short and long vowel sounds, vocabulary, plurals, author's purpose of writing, prefixes and suffixes, editing, types of sentences, subjects and predicates, and writing.

Class Halloween Party 10/31/17