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NOID1Q01126Welcome to Second Grade!   I love being part of the St. Christopher community!  As a career changing adult, I followed my passion for education by returning to Rivier College and completing a M.Ed. degree in Elementary Education.  For several years, I worked as a Title 1 Interventionist teaching reading and mathematics.  I live in Merrimack with my husband and three beautiful children.  If you have any questions or concerns please, contact me This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Fabulous February

Fabulous February!

2C is excited to be working on their cursive writing. We have focused the month of January on the importance of learning the basic cursive strokes.  The students are very happy to be moving on to our lower case letters. They will also get new name tags with their first and last names written in cursive.

In Math Unit 4, in this chapter students are adding two digit numbers without and with regrouping.  All that hard work with addition facts is really helping to add larger numbers.

3 Minute Math- The students have really enjoyed the 3 Minute Math.  In February we switch to subtraction.They really are working hard as subtraction always seems to be a little tougher.   It has been a great way for to make learning your math facts FUN!

In Social Studies, 2C will be starting Unit 2.  We will have our first at home project in late February.  The assignment is called "Mystery Island". The students will be required to create their own island full of landforms, a compass rose and a map key.  Students will choose either a 3D model or poster.  I can't wait to see what they come up with!

Catholic Schools Week is always an exciting time at St. Chris.  We will be learning about Saint Andrew, the Patron Saint of Fishermen.  Saints Peter and Andrew, the disciples of Jesus, are known as patrons of fishermen. They were brothers, and were professional fishermen at the time Jesus called them to follow him. Andrew was a disciple of John the Baptist, but began following Jesus when he realized that he was actually divine. Peter came along shortly after, and Jesus told them both they would become "fishers of men".  The students will create some beautiful fish for our St. Andrew wall and be working on their St. Andrew tri-fold activity.

Our Reading Unit continues with the Big Question: What does it mean to be creative?  During our reading lessons we continue to focus on key skills and strategies such as Cause and Effect, Drawing Conclusions, Authors Purpose (Easy as P.I.E) and much more.

February starts our small reading groups.  We have some new and exciting things happening this year in 2nd Grade.  Several groups of students will be working on Fluency!  They are reading non-fiction passages and graphing their words read per minute.  Each member of the group has a job and they rotate through each job daily.  The goal is to read more words that you did the day before, as well as having good voice and stopping or pausing at punctuation. This really gets them excited!

Looking forward to March......2C/2J STEM DAY project.........this year will be working on another great Stem Day project.

Valentine's Day Party and Free Dress February 14th

February Vacation February 26th-March3rd


Happy New Year! 2017 will be an exciting time in 2C!

Happy New Year!  2017 will be an exciting time in 2C!


It is starting to feel a lot like winter!   It is cold outside but, things are heating up in 2C!  The students have settled into the routines of our busy classroom and it is amazing how they are enjoying becoming more independent learners with our Daily 5.  It has truly been an amazing four months!

January brings the excitement of learning cursive and completing an exciting unit in Social Studies about Geography, called “Our Earth”.  I am excited to give students a take home project that is sure to encompass their knowledge of the concepts learned in our Social Studies Unit and their own personal creativity.  It is going to be GREAT!!!!!!!

For our writing we will be working on learning about and writing friendly letters.  I found a great little song with the Adams Family Theme that teaches the 5 parts of a friendly letter.  The students are sure to be singing and clapping along.

Our religion time continues with Unit 2- Jesus Calls Us to Penance and Reconciliation.  Students will be learning about the Bible and why this book is important to us. Children will also learn that God gave us laws called commandments. We will be discussing the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation and how we prepare and celebrate this Sacrament.

Math will be focusing on using and interpreting the different types of graphs.  We will be using many fun hands on activities to discuss collecting, interpreting and graphing data.  The students have been working hard on their 3 Minute Math addition facts drill. I look forward to watching some of the students move on to subtraction facts.   Please be sure all students are using XtraMath.com and Ixl.com to help support their math learning.

Reading is always a favorite time for students in 2C.  We will be moving on to Unit 3 with the Big Question: What does it mean to be creative? The next six weeks will include many interesting genres of stories that will continue to introduce and build on many of the comprehension skills and strategies that we have been working on since September.  We will continue to extend our vocabulary with our Amazing Words and review our High-Frequency words.


Think of the deepest emotions you have?

the feelings that make you explode.

well each of the children you have in your class carries that same mother load.

what is the role that you play in their lives?

the feelings you daily inspire?

do you nurture ambition and make their eyes wide?

do the things you teach build their desire?

yours is the power to nurture bond fires

that fuel great ambitions and goals.

so endeavor to do all you can to inspire

your students to be great and bold.

there will soon come a day when you’ll look up with pride

and know that you did all you could

when you see them on wings way up high in the sky

‘cause you taught them and they understood!!




It's hard to believe that it is already December!  It's beginning to get cold outside, please make sure your child comes to school with the proper winter attire for outdoor recess.

December is an exciting and very busy time in our classroom.

We will be celebrating the Season of Advent.  Our Advent Angel will be visiting our room every day as we prepare for the coming of Baby Jesus. She left a note for each of the students and have asked them to complete one Random Act of Kindness each day.  Of course first, they must find her as she moves throughout the classroom.

We have been exploring our first Science Unit for the year: Weather. Students have been learning and discussing the seasons, different types of weather, the water cycle and dangerous weather.

Reading:  This month we will focus on three comprehension skills: fact/detail, cause/effect, and comparing/contrasting. Many of these skills have been introduced already in 2nd grade and we will be working to focus more on these skills.


English: Our focus this month is on plural nouns, irregular plural nouns, and possessive nouns.


Spelling/Phonics: We will focus on 3 spelling patterns this month: r-controlled vowels, plurals, and long “a” vowel patterns: a, ai, ay.


Math: We will finish Chapter 2 on place value and counting patterns. Then we will move on to Chapter 3, where students will learn to read, interpret, and create graphs, collect data, and determine range, median, and mode. We will continue to work on our problem solving as well.

2C will be Christmas Shopping on Friday, December 2nd.

The children of 2C love to sing!!   They are very excited for our Christmas Concert which will be held on December 15th 10:00am-11:00am.

Our class Christmas Party will be on December 18th.

December 21st (12:30) is an early release day.


Merry Christmas!

"Maybe Christmas," he thought, "doesn't come from a store. Maybe Christmas...perhaps...means a little bit more!" Dr. Suess



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