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April News

aprilshowersWe have finally marched out of winter, hopefully, and seem to be heading to warmer, spring days! March was a very busy month in 2nd grade! We started the month by preparing for our STEM fair. The class was given a challenge to build the strongest tower just using index cards and stickers. Boy! Was this a challenge! Despite the challenges, the class worked together and made some really great towers! Please see the pictures below to see what else we did on STEM day!

I would like to thank the Davidson family for arranging for Sub Zero to come in and do a science activity with the 2nd grade! The class really enjoyed learning about liquid nitrogen and even got to enjoy some AMAZING ice cream!

On St. Patrick’s Day 2nd grade lead the traditional St. Patrick’s day Mass. Everyone did a wonderful job!

We spent the month following the Iditarod. The Iditarod is a famous dog sled race that takes place in Alaska. Each student got a musher they needed to follow throughout the 1,000 mile race. We loved watching the progress of the race and were excited to learn that there was a Musher from Merrimack NH in the race this year!

Here is what we have planned for April.

Math – We will finish up our unit on Double Digit Subtraction – with and without regrouping. Our next unit will be on time and money. Please continue to use IXL and Xtra math to practice these skills.

Reading – The comprehension strategies we will be working on this month are plot and theme, fact and opinion, and cause and effect. These strategies can be practiced and discussed at home during your child’s nightly reading. Please remember to read every night!

Spelling/Phonics – Our spelling words this month will focus on vowel digraphs (oo, ue, ew, ui), suffixes (-ly, -ful, -er, -or, -ish), and prefixes (un-, re-, pre-, dis-).

English – This month we will talking about adverbs. We will also start learning about pronouns.

Religion – We will begin Unit. In this unit we will learn about Mass and the celebration of the Eucharist.

Important Dates

April 1 – Hot Lunch Ordering Begins


April 6 – Mass 9:15am.

April 13 – Report Cards go home

April 14 – Family Dance – 6:00pm – St. Patrick Parish Gym

April 20 – Earth Day Free Dress

April 20 – Poetry  Slam – 1:45pm – Church Hall


April 30-May 4 NWEA Standardized Testing (Grades 2-6)