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Happy October!

October400The first full month of school has really flown by! I am so impressed with how well the students have adjusted to 2nd grade. I am so proud of all they have accomplished already!

We have done so much in September and we have lots more to cover in October. Here is an overview of what we have already done as well as what 2R will be learning about in October.

Reading: In September, we spent the first few weeks learning about the Daily 5 and CAFÉ. The students practiced, Read to Self, Read to Someone, Work on Writing, and Word Work. The students continued to build their stamina in these areas.

In October, we will continue exploring the question.  “How can we explore new places and things?” last month we introduced the comprehension strategies Character/Setting, Main Idea, and Fact and Details. And this month we will continue to build on these strategies and apply them to our reading. Reading everyday is very important! Please make sure you are reading for 15 min everyday.

Spelling: In September, I introduced our spelling program and what the weekly spelling and dictation tests would look like. The class is off to a great start! Please remember to do one spelling activity a night and …practice …practice. Practice!

In October spelling patterns will include long vowels, consonant blends, inflected endings and consonant digraphs. We will also have a high-frequency word review week. spellingcity.com is a great tool to use for extra practice! The 2nd grade has one account for both classes. Please see the link below.  (link:https://www.spellingcity.com/NicoleJacques/)

English: In September, we worked on writing complete sentences.

In October, we will learn about subjects and predicates, as well as the different kinds of sentences: declarative, interrogative, imperative, and exclamatory. We will also practice organizing and writing paragraphs. These skills can also be Practiced on IXL

Religion: In September, grades 1-6 had the wonderful opportunity to gather at Infant Jesus for a 3 school mass. During this mass we prayed for one another and showed unity and support for the 3 catholic schools in Nashua. It was truly a wonderful day. The lessons we focused on in September introduced the Holy family and some of the important catholic celebrations the honor the Holy Spirit,

In October, we will focus on the sacraments and the different ways we worship God.

Social Studies: In September, we started our first Social Studies Unit on communities. As a class we discussed the different types of communities where people live. We started to read about maps and how to use them!

In October, We will continue our unit on where people live. We will learn how to use a map key and a compass rose. We will also read about states, countries, continents, and oceans.

Math: In September, we continued our unit on Addition and Subtraction and practicing different strategies. We started taking 3-minute math quizzes to help with our math fluency. We have also be doing a math POD (problem of the day) this is a great way to challenge kids and to have the work on their problem solving skills.

In October, we will finish up our unit on addition and subtraction facts and then move on to place-value.


September 29 – NO SCHOOL


October 13 – EARLY RELEASE DAY at 12:30 – NO After Care

October 18 – Picture Day! Please wear your best uniform

October 24 – Vocation Day – Mass at 9:15am

October 25 – Paper Wednesday News

October 31 – Halloween Free Dress

Love, Mrs. Rankins