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Frolicking into February

I stood beside a hill

Smooth with new-laid now,

A single star looked out

From the cold evening glow.

There was no other creature

That saw what I could see –

I stood and watched the evening star

As long as it watched me.

By: Sara Teasdale


*  * *  * *

February is a short month filled with fun activities and lots of learning! Take a look at what we have coming up:


MathWe have finished our chapter on graphing and data analysis and have started Chapter 4: Double digit addition with and without regrouping. Don’t forget to keep practicing those math facts! We have switched our Minute Math tests to subtraction this quarter.  www.xtramath.org

ReadingThe comprehension skills we will be working on in reading this month are drawing conclusion, comparing/contrasting and sequencing. Have your child practice these strategies while reading at home. We will be working more on our oral reading fluency too. The goal is to read at a “just-right” speed with good expression. We do not want to read like “robots”.

Spelling/PhonicsThe spelling patterns this month will be long vowel patterns i, ie, igh, y and comparative endings “er” and “est”

EnglishWe will continue to work on verbs this month.

ReligionJesus taught us the 10 commandments, which are laws that help us live as God’s children. Last month we sang the “10 Commandment Boogie” to help us remember each commandment (“we’re gonna dance it ‘til we die”). This month we will learn more about these commandments and how to follow them. We will also talk about sin. The first week of February is also Catholic Schools Week, so pay close attention to the fun dress down themes and activities planned for each day.


January 28-February 3 – Catholic School Week!

February 1 – Beach day – bring beach towels

February 2 – Pajama Day and movies with our buddies

February 2 – Brown Bags for Corpus Christi Food Pantry due at 9:00am

February 13 - <3 Valentine’s Free Dress <3

February 14 – Ash Wednesday Mass – 9:15am

February 16 – Stations of the Cross – 2:15pm

February 19 – NO SCHOOL – President’s Day

February 23 – Stations of the Cross – 2:15pm

February 24-March 4 - NO SCHOOL – WINTER VACATION!


Happy February!


~Miss Jacques~