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Grade 2 - Ms. Jacques


Welcome to Second Grade!!

My name is Nicole Jacques and this is my 5th year teaching 2nd grade at St. Christopher School. I graduated from Keene State College in 2009 with a Bachelor’s of Science in Elementary Education and Sociology. I earned my M.Ed in Literacy and Language Learning from Lesley University and am currently working towards a Reading Specialist license.  Prior to working at St. Chris, I worked in the Salem public school district as a Title I Reading Teacher. In addition to teaching, I am also a part-time swim instructor.

I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I love reading and being around the water.

If you have any questions, please feel free to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it !

April Agenda


The roofs are shining from the rain,
The sparrows twitter as they fly,
And with a windy April grace
The little clouds go by.

Yet the backyards are bare and brown
With only one unchanging tree--
I could not be so sure of Spring
Save that it sings in me.

by Sara Teasdale

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

March was a busy month! We had our very first STEM Day and Science Fair, which were both big successes. Thank you for coming to check out 2J's Science Project - Low Fat, Low Taste? The 2nd graders also had their first Terra Nova Testing experience. I heard a lot of "Miss Jacques, this is so fun!" from everyone, so it seems they all liked it. We welcome April with open arms and hope it brings warmer weather!

We will learn many things in 2nd grade this month, below is a quick outline of some of the exciting topics our class will cover…

Religion We will learn the ways we celebrate the Eucharist in our lives. We will also learn about the Death and Resurrection of Jesus during the Easter Triduum.

Math We will learn to tell time to the ¼ hour and in 5-minute intervals. We will talk about the values of coins and bills. We will continue to assess our math fact fluency with 5-minute math. I am seeing huge improvements in the students that regularly use Xtramath.org at home, keep up the good work!

Reading Our big unit question this month is “What does it mean to be responsible?” This is a great question that can be addressed at home as well! The comprehension strategies that we will practice this month are fact and opinion, cause and effect, and plot and theme.

Reading LogsReminder: Reading logs are due at the end of each month. These reading logs should include the amount of time your child reads each night and a parent signature.  2nd graders are expected to read 15 minutes or more a night, this means they should be reading a total of 400+ minutes every month!

Spelling Our spelling words this month will focus on words with suffixes, prefixes, and the consonant patterns kn, wr, gn, mb.

Phonics We will learn the rules for singular possessives, inflectional endings, suffixes, and prefixes.

Handwriting We will continue to learn our lower case letters in cursive and then we will learn to write our first and last names!


* * * Important Dates in April: * * *

April 4 - School Mass 9:15am

April 11 - UNO's Pizza Lunch for 2J, KB, KN, 3D

April 11 - Stations of the Cross 2:15pm

April 11 - "No Strings Attached" Drama Club Production at Nashua Catholic 7:00pm

April 17 - Holy Thursday Paraliturgy 9:15am


April 21 - Boston Strong Free Dress - Marathon Monday

April 22 - Earth Day Free Dress

April 23 - Spring Photos - Dress UP Day

April 23 - Paper News

April 25 - Poetry Slam in the Church Hall 1:45pm

April 25 - April Reading Logs are Due!


Have a wonderful April Vacation! Cool

~Miss Jacques~


Our Magnificient Xtra-mathematician!

Congratulations to Efe!

Efe has been practicing his math facts on Xtramath.org every day! He has successfully mastered his addition and subtraction facts by answering all his facts in under 2 seconds !

He is now moving on to basic multiplication facts!


Keep up the good work, Efe!


Marvelous March News!

* * * * * * * * *


When the rain is splashing down
On the fields and in the town
Singing winds begin to blow
And the flowers start to grow
How glad I am when I have seen
Those tender leaves of gentle green
They warm my heart and make it sing
For now I know at last it’s spring
Spring makes the world a happy place
You see a smile on every face
Flowers come out and birds arrive
Oh, isn’t it grand to be alive.

~ Author Unknown ~

* * * * * * * * *


It's finally Spring, no thanks to that silly groundhog! I hope you all had a wonderful vacation! We have a lot of fun things going on in March, including the STEM Science Fair, St Patrick's Day, and the St Patrick's Day Mass, which 2nd grade is preparing.

Here are a few things 2J will be working on in March:

Math - Double Digit Subtraction (with and without regrouping). Your children should still be practicing their math facts at home. Please use Xtramath.org at least once a week.

Reading - We will be finishing Unit 4 - Our Changing World. In this unit we will discuss fact and opinion and plot and theme. These are important comprehension skills. We will also continue to work on expression and appropriate phrasing when reading out loud. This is something that can be practiced at home!

Spelling - Our words this month will focus on dipthongs (oi, oy, ou, ow), syllables, and vowel digraphs.

English - Contractions and book reports

Phonics - Inflected endings (-s, -es, -ed, -ing) and suffixes/prefixes

Science - We will continue with our chapter 'How Living Things Grow and Change'. We will distinguish between living and nonliving things and look at how living things grow and mature.

Social Studies - We will continue to talk about working together, goods and services, trading and bartering, and community workers.

Religion -2nd grade will be preparing the St Patrick's Day Mass on March 17th at 9:15am


Important Dates in March:

March 1-15:      Hot Lunch Ordering

March 5:           Ash Wednesday Mass - 9:15am

March 7:           Stations of the Cross - 2:15pm

March 14:         Animal/Insect Projects Due (Report and Diorama)

March 14:         Irish Music Assembly - 9:15am

March 14:         Stations of the Cross - 2:15pm

March 17:         St Patrick's Day Mass - 9:15am - 2T and 2J preparing!!

March 17:         St Patrick's FREE DRESS day

March 20:         Hot Lunch Payment Due

March 20:         STEM Fair - All Day

March 20:         STEM Fair Open House - 6:00-7:30

March 21:         Early Release - 12:30pm - NO After Care

March 24-28:    Terra Nova TESTING

March 26:         Paper Wednesday News

March 28:         Stations of the Cross - 2:15pm

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