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1M Arrives into April!

CoolSpring, Spring

a wonderful thing!

Flowers are blooming and birds are on wing.

Children are playing so carefree today.

And the sunshine is shinging all through the day!Cool

And our learning continues....

RELIGION... We will talk about what it means to be a peacemaker and how Jesus wants us to live as one.  Learning about the right and wrong choice and that God always forgives us will be discussed.  We will learn about the sacraments of Reconcilation and Eucharist.

MATH... Measurement with inches and centimeters is introduced. Using a thermometer and learning about temperature is learned.  Two digit addition and subtraction without regrouping will be a focus this month!  We always continue work on our basic addition and subtraction facts.

SCIENCE AND SOCIAL STUDIES... weather and weather vocabulary, seeds and plants and parts of plants is learned.  We will talk about Earth Day and how it is important to protect our natural resources.  We will discuss the importance of recycling.

LANGUAGE ARTS... R controlled vowels, "ed" and "ing" endings, verbs in the present and past, comparision endings er and est will be part of our learning.  We continue to study weekly Spelling words.  Each week we have a dictation sentence test and a spelling test. A new story is introduced weekly in our Pearson reading series and we read it together and use the online componant as a supplement.  Poetry and working on an "Animal" poem for our Poetry Slam this month  will be a fun learning experience!

Spring has sprung and we are always springing into new things to learn!