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1M Maneuvers into March!!!

March is here,

the winds are calling.

It can be warm or the snow can be falling!

1M Welcomes all that March brings!

RELIGION...This month we focus on Lent and Holy Week which begins on Palm Sunday.  The 2 First Grades are planning the Holy Thursday Para-Liturgy  on Thursday March 29th at 9:15 am.

MATH...We will review coin recognition and counting coins.  Time to the hour and half hour on a REAL clock will be learned.  We continue working on speed with addition and subtraction facts with Math Olympics in class and using Extramath.com at home. Word story problems and understanding if we add or subtract is ongoing.

LANGUAGE ARTS...We continue with long vowels and their rules.  Homophones, contractions, compound words and sentence structure using these is reviewed.  Present and past verb tenses, nouns, adjectives and pronouns are words that we are incorporating into our writing.  Neatness and proper letter formation and correct pencil grip are reinforced each time we do our daily writing!

We have completed our first Book Report in Reading.  This was done as a class! This month we will complete one on our own.  We continue learning about Author's Purpose, character and setting and story plot.

Each week new Spelling words are learned and incorporated into daiuly writing!  Each week we have a Sentence Dictation and Spelling test.

SCIENCE AND SOCIAL STUDIES...St Patrick's Day, Spring weather, animals coming out of hibernation and our STEM project on Sounds, Hearing and Vibrations are the focus.

March is the month of Leprechauns and Learning in 1M!!!