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Fantastic February in 1M!!!

Love and Friendship all around

Continued learning in 1M is found!

RELIGION...Lent begins on Valentine's Day and we will be discussing Ash Wednesday, Holy Week and The Stations of the Cross, which we will attend weekly. We will learn about the 7 sacraments in the Catholic Church and that Baptism is the first sacrament we receive.  We will have Baptism Show and Tell and bring in an item from our Baptism, or birth if we were not baptized.

MATH...Time and money are our topics! We will learn to tell time on a "real", not digital clock.  Sorting and  Counting coins will be stressed .  Continued learning of addition and subtraction facts and reading story problems is ongoing. We have started "Math Olympics" where the class is timed on facts and they progress to the next paper at their own pace!


SCIENCE AND SOCIAL STUDIES...Groundhogs, solids, liquids and gases, Presidents and their jobs and taking care of our teeth will fill the month!


LANGUAGE ARTS... continuation of long vowels and the rules that make them long.  We will use long vowel words in context, understand the sound of y as a vowel and long vowel "rimes" word pattern families such as "ate', "ike" and "ute".

New spelling words are introduced each week, put into oral and written sentences and read.  We have begun using a Children's Dictionary to find our words(ABC order skills nededed here), and read the meaning of our words.

A new story is introduced weekly in our Reading Street program.  Comprehension skills and Author studies are two componants that we work on. Parts of sentences, nouns and verbs, adjectives and pronouns are used in our reading and writing!