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1M Jumps into January 2018!

Happy New Year to all our friends, Old and New!

1M Wishes you a wonderful New Year full of Family and Friendship!

2018  wiil be filled with learning, fun and friends in 1M!

And the learning continues...

RELIGION...We continue learning about the Holy Spirit and the Blessed Trinity.  We will begin discussion about the parts of the Mass and will touch upon the season of Lent at the end of the month. Lent begins on February 14.

MATH...Grouping of  tens and ones up to 100 is our focus! We will use tens and ones sticks at our desks, and magnetic strips at the board to help us understand this concept.  We continue to learn addition and subtraction facts more quickly by counting up and down or forward and backward.  Continuing to use EXTRAMATH.com helps reinforce this!

LANGUAGE ARTS...new Spelling words are introduced weekly.  We will be adding more words...up to 15 total!  The class practices reading and spelling these.  Each week we have a spelling dictation test to understand word meanings in sentences and a spelling test.

In  Phonics we are learning long vowels, their rules and spellings, and using them in context.

Each week we work on a new story in our Reading Street Pearson reading program.  We learn new vocabulary, story genre, author's purpose, and English concepts such as sentence structure, nouns and verbs and other concepts.  We use our Reader's writer's Notebook to reinforce these concepts.  We use our hardcopy anthology and the online program daily.

SCIENCE AND SOCIAL STUDIES...Martin Luther King, Snowflake Bently and the discovery of snoflake shapes, animals in hibernation and winter storms will be our topics!

ALSO...We will begin to work on our St. Christopher Annual Auction Project and talk about our STEM Fair project!


January is here. Give a cheer!

New learning has begun,

Always full of Fun!