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November is Nifty in 1M!!!

Turkey turkey look at you!

Please be careful what you do.

Thanksgiving Day is almost here.

We eat turkey every year!

Go, hide out in the woods!

We'll eat pizza as we should!

It is almost time for our annual "Disguise Mr. Turkey"  Family Project!

This is our 20 th year of our Grade 1 turkey project!  We cannot wait to see the creative disguised Turkeys!  Please visit the bulletin board outside of 1M during Conferences!


RELIGION...We continue learning about the Church Year.  Now we are discussing Ordinary Time and will learn about ADVENT as November continues.  Each Friday we use our PROMISE magazine that teaches us about the weekly Sunday Gosple.

MATH...Addition facts continue and we will be beginning subtraction.  Part of our Math program involves reading story problems and understanding the addition or subtraction fact that goes with it. a fact is always needed to find the answer.  The class uses EXTRAMATH.COM and IXL to reinforce Math concepts taught.


LANGUAGE ARTS... New Weekly Spelling words, Spelling dictation tests and Spelling tests continue each week.  The students learn to Read, Spell and understand the meanings of the words.We continue our short vowel sounds and dwell on short vowel families that help us read and make new words.  Nouns, pronouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs, subject and predicate parts of sentences are being learned in our Pearson Reading Program.  We use it daily online and use our hardcopy anthology and Readers Writers Notebook Practice book!


SCIENCE AND SOCIAL STUDIES...The first Thanksgiving and the journey from England to Plimouth is our highlight!  We use the SCHOLASTIC virtual field trip.  Each week we receive a letter from a pilgrim travelling on the Mayflower.  Once ther reach America, we learn about the Pilgrim Village and the Wampanog Indian Village.


We wish all of our St. Christopher friends, old and new, a wonderful Thanksgiving filled with Family and Friends!