Home Students Classroom Pages Grade 1 - Mrs. Moore 1M Slides into September...and a little bit of August!!!

1M Slides into September...and a little bit of August!!!

School has started...

We're having fun!

Lots of learning has begun!!!

RELIGION...Creation and the Great Creator is the topic this month.  We are discussing the differences between living and non living things. Acceptance of all people no matter how different we are is a constant topic!

PHONICS...We are reviewing initial and final consonants.  Each day we talk about the difference between consonants and vowels.

READING...We will begin our "Reading Street" by Pearson  program. Character, story genre, setting and author's purpose is learned.  We are learning about nouns and sentence structure. We also use the online conponant of this program besides meeting in large and small group settings.


SCIENCE and SOCIAL STUDIES...School rules, people's feelings and differences among people and learning tolerance are September's topic.  We will also talk about the differences between whales and dolphins.


MATH...Number and numeral review, more and less, greater and fewer and number sequence. patterns and addition facts and word problems will be reviewed and taught!


Daily Journal writing, calendar work, and snack, recess, lunch, Gym. Spansh, Music, Computer and Library and Art are also a wonderful part of Grade 1!