Home Students Classroom Pages Grade 1 - Mrs. Moore APRIL HAS ARRIVED!


Spring, spring,A wonderful thing!

Flowers are blooming and birds are on wing.

Children are playing so carefree today.

And the sunshine is shining all through the day!

RELIGION...Holy Week and The Three Days , Easter and the 7 Sacraments are our topics this month.  We will also be practicing for the Holy Thursday Para-Liturgy which the first grades are in charge of.

Please join us on THURSDAY APRIL 13 at 9:15 for this service!


MATH...We are learning time to the hour and half hour on a real, not digital clock! Elapsed time, time sequencing and time estimation.  We continue to review coin values, counting on with quarters, nickles dimes and pennies. Adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers without regrouping will be introduced.


LANGUAGE ARTS...Long E and rules and vowel patterns will be completed this month. High frequency words, author's purpose, R controlled vowels (ar,or,ore,ir,and ur) are included in our Pearson Reading program.  We are reviewing Fact and Opinion, verbs for present and past.  We read daily by ourselves or with a friend to improve fluency and expression!

Writing Fantastic sentences that do not all start with "I" continues! Learning how adjectives and adverbs improves our writing is continually worked on.


SCIENCE AND SOCIAL STUDIES... We will learn about coming out of hibernation, animal habitats, how mothers care for their baby animals and wind power and spring storms. We will focus on the TIGER Program assembly and being kind, helpful and respecting all living things!


We wish all of our St. Christopher friends, old and new, a blessed Easter Season!