Home Students Classroom Pages Grade 1 - Mrs. Moore FEBRUARY IS FABULOUS IN 1M !!!!


FEBRUARY is the month of...Valentine's Day, Groundhog's Day, President's Day, Ash Wednesday and Lent!

We will be discussing and doing class activities for all of these!

And the learning continues...

RELIGION...We will learn how the Holy Spirit helps the church grow. Lent begins during February vacation. We will discuss Ash Wednesday and how we will be doing extra jobs in our homes to help families during Lent.

PHONICS...We continue Long Vowels and the rules and patterns that go with them.

MATH...Place Value of 2 digit numbers, using addition and subtraction to find the missing part of a number sentence, choosing the appropriate strategy to solve a  word problem using key words and knowing the values of pennies, nickles, dimes and quarters.

LANGUAGE ARTS...We will compare and contrast 2 or more things in a reading passage, continue our work with nouns, verbs, prounouns, adverbs and how these make a fantastic sentence!

SCIENCE and SOCIAL STUDIES...We will learn about our presidents and their role as our country's leaders, the White House, Rosa Parks, Georgev Washington Carver, Sharks and their environment.

Happy February to all our friends, old and new, from 1M!