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December is upon us in 1M!

December is a month of Joy.

We await the birth of the Baby Boy.

We are full of love, excitement and Fun!

The month of December has begun.


RELIGION...The Season of Advent is upon us and is our focus in December.  We are discussing Christmas and Advent traditions , how to prepare for Jesus' birth, Mary and Jesus traveling to Bethlehem and the wonderful story of His birth.

MATH...We continue our focus on subtraction, related subtraction facts, Family of Facts and the Math Vocabulary that goes with subtraction!  We are learning how to read word problems and determine if the key words let us know if it is subtraction or addition. Always showing our work that helps us find the answers is stressed and necessary!

SCIENCE AND SOCIAL STUDIES...Hibernation and Cultural Holiday Celebrations is learned this month. We will use the SCHOLASTIC online Holiday and Cultural Celebrations Program  to learn about Christmas and Hannakuh and other celebrations.


LANGUAGE ARTS...A reminder that Language Arts includes: Reading, Phonics, Spelling and English. Each day we use PEARSON online reading to reinforce our group work with our Anthology and writing practice pages. The class loves learning about nouns, verbs, sentence parts and more through animated songs.  Our present focus is on Wild Animals in our stories.  In Phonics we are completing Short Vowels, have begun blends and will begin Long Vowels.  New Spelling words are introduced weekly and a weekly Dictation Test and Spelling Test is given.  This month we begin BONUS words in our weekly words!  The weekly words should be practiced being read and spelled.  Using SPELLINGCITY.COM is a great way to practice!  In English, proper sentence structure, capitalization, punctuation and more creative sentences using adjectives and adverbs is expected at this time of year!  Daily Journal Writing is showing the growth in the children's sentences!


We wish all of our friends, old and new, a Blessed Christmas Season and a Happy New Year!