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Now We Are In November in 1M!!!

Turkey, Turkey look at you!

Please be careful what you do.

Thanksgiving Day is very near,

we eat turkey every year!

Go, hide out in the woods!

We'll eat pizza as we should!

1M and 1A will be creating our annual Family project of disguising Mr. Turkey very soon! Please look at all of our wonderful disguises on our bulletin board on CONFERENCE NIGHT!


RELIGION...we are learning about the Church Year and the special days and times of the year.

MATH...addition facts, story problems and 3 number additioin are focused on. Math vocabulary of: Addition Sentences, Addends, Plus, Equal and sum are always reviewed.

LANGUAGE ARTS...Reading, Phonics, Spelling and English are all part of Language Arts. We are learning about Subject and Predicate parts of sentences, continuing our short vowels and the rules that accompany them.  We continue learning about nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs and prounouns.  Sentence structure and formation is worked on daily ,especially when we use our journals!  Each week we read a new story in our anthology and use our Pearson Reading Street online conponants that go with it!  Every week we have new spelling words and use SPELLINGCITY.COM to help us learn to spell and understand the word meaning!

SCIENCE AND SOCIAL STUDIES...The highlight of this month will be using our online SCHOLASTIC.COM First Thanksgiving program. We will listen to letters from children traveling on the Mayflower, learn about a Pilgrim village and a Wampanog Indian village.  This program uses PLIMOUTH PLANTATION as its informational source.  First graders would have a wonderful time visiting here with their families!

Thank you, God, for our wonderful school and St. Christopher Families!

We wish all our friends,  old and new, a wonderful Thanksgiving!