1M Jumps into January!

Happy New Year From 1M!!!

For our followers that have had a former first grader...fear not! The November turkeys will resurface in January!

Winter turkey in the snow,

Show us where you want to go!

Will you skate or ski or fly,

to a warm place until July?

Dress him up to show us how his winter will be spent right now!


RELIGION...We are studying the parts of the mass and the responses that follow each part.  Grade 1M and our buddy class 6E, are planning and will be in charge of our Catholic Schools Week Mass on Friday February 5 at 9:15. Please join us!

MATH...Subtraction and Word Problem solving is our focus. Understandiung key words in problem solving is enforced to help know if the operation is addition or subtraction.Writing the fact or drawing a picture is always required when solving these problems.  The class is expected to use IXL or ExtraMath online twice a week.

LANGUAGE ARTS...We continue using our Pearson Online Reading Program daily. Along with this we use our hardcopy anthology for daily oral reading and work in our writing practice  book to reinforce skills learned. Story Genre, Grammar and sentence structure are ongoing skills! Each week we have new Spelling words that are practiced and tested on Friday. In Phonics we are beginning Long Vowels and the rules that accompany them.

SCIENCE AND SOCIAL STUDIES...Habits of winter animals, and Healthy eating and staying well will be focused upon.  We will also be learning about well known Americans who played an impact in society such as Ruby Bridges and Martin Luther King Jr.

Cool2016 will be a busy year for 1M!Cool