November is upon us,

The air is crisp and clear!

1M is making progress

towards the 2nd half of our year!

And...... for those who have had prior students in Gr 1 and remember disguising Mr. Turkey...have no fear! He will surface in a new way in JANUARY , as a family project!!

RELIGION...We continue to learn about the Church Year,ordinary time and special times of the year. We will be learning about Advent and begin preparing for Jesus' birth.

MATH.....We continue addition and Math story problems. The children should reinforce their classroom learning with Flashcards at home and using IXL or ExtraMath online. We begin 3 number addition also.

LANGUAGE ARTS...Daily reading and using our Practice workbook in our Pearson Reading Street Program continue. Reinforcement of nouns, verbs, adjectives, subject and predicate parts are practiced. Proper sentence structure is expected.  We have Spelling words that are practiced daily at school and home. Each Friday we have a Spelling and Dictation test. In Phonics we continue our short vowels and the rules that go with short vowel patterns.

SCIENCE AND SOCIAL STUDIES...Discussion of The First Thanksgiving, Squanto and Veteran's Day are this months highlights! We will also discuss Hibernation and Migration!


1M wishes all of our friends, old and new, a wonderful Thanksgiving that is filled with friends and family!