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Grade 1 - Mrs. Moore

Marilyn Moore

Welcome to First Grade! First Grade is a wonderful grade. The children are fun, creative, challenging and so eager to learn. The most rewarding part of this grade is having all the children reading and writing by the end of the year. The love of reading is the goal in my classroom! 

I have had the honor of being a First Grade teacher at St. Christopher's for over 30 years! I have had the pleasure of teaching the children of my former students! My husband and I live in Nashua and I have two adult daughters. We have two cats!

Onward into October!

October is upon us in Grade 1M and we have completed half of our first semester in first grade!!

Some of our September highlights were:

Meeting our 6E buddies and doing chalk drawings outside and playing on the playground !

A visit from the Amherst St. Nashua fire dept and seeing the trucks and sitting in the cab!

Making homemade applesauce in a crockpot and enjoying the delicious treat!

Having pre-k H visit us and coloring a clifford picture with them!

Celebrating Clifford's 50th Birthday and making Clifford ears to wear!

In October we will continue to learn in our academic areas!

MATH: we are beginning addition and subtraction. Flash cards to be practiced will be sent home.  We are working on math comprehension and solutions to story problems.

READING: we use our Pearson online reading program daily. WWW are reviewed and spelled and used in oral sentences. The class is able to write WWW into their own sentences.  We have learned nouns and verbs and have begun adjectives.

PHONICS: We are working on short vowel sounds and word families. We read many rhyming books because the children can hear the word families and know that changing the beginning consonant changes the word.

RELIGION: Jesus and his Holy Family are continuing to be learned.  We are comparing the time when Jesus was born and how we live today.

SCIENCE AND SOCIAL STUDIES: We continue learning about the freedoms that our Constitution gives us. In September we watched a Weekly Reader video about Our Constitution and its importance.  We will continue discussing the importance of Fire Safety during Fire Safety Month-October.  Signs of Fall and the changes in the Seasons are discussed this month. We learn about animals that are getting ready to hibernate and what they do to get ready.

In Grade 1M we are writing sentences, reading,having fun and being friends with our classmates! It is a great place to be in October!!!




From 1M...here is the  "VOWEL BAT" website!!!


Parents...It will stick in your head!



Twas the month of December...and all through 1M!

Twas the month of  December in....

Reading! We are starting our second Anthology of stories! We are learning about story genre, characters and settings.  New Word Wall Words are introduced weekly and we read and spell them.  We are talking about homophones and putting them into sentences.  We are learning noun and verb parts of sentences.  All of our reading work is reinforced in our practice book that we do together.

Phonics! We are completing the short vowels and will soon begin the long vowels. Word families are one way we know vowel patterns. If we know cat...we know hat, mat and rat.  Reading the short vowel words in context is practiced together.

Math! Addition and subtraction facts continue to be practiced.  We are learning related facts...2+3=5 and 3+2=5 and Fact Families...4+1=5,1+4=5,5-1=4,5-4=1.Math comprehension problems are read together and solved with drawing the problem out and using manipulatives.

Religion! Advent and Jesus' birth are this month's highlights.  We are also learning ablout the Holy Spirit and the apostles.

Writing! Sentence writing is an important part of Grade 1.  The class is writing 3 to 5 sentences on their own in journaling.  Capitalization, punctuation and sentence structure has been taught and is reinforced when writing.  We are learning about noun and verb parts of sentences in writing and reading.

December brings many exciting events for us!  We shopped with our Grade 6 buddies  on Shopping for Kids day.  We are practicing for our Christmas Music Concert on Dec. 13th.  We made an Advent chain for home.  An Advent candle is colored each Monday on our Advent wreath and each child gets to hang an ornament  on our daily Advent calendar.  I am reading  "The Story of Santa Claus" written by Scribbler Elf and we are finding out how Santa got to live at the North Pole!

Merry Christmas to All...and to All a Good Night! Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas Season!

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