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Marilyn Moore

Welcome to First Grade! First Grade is a wonderful grade. The children are fun, creative, challenging and so eager to learn. The most rewarding part of this grade is having all the children reading and writing by the end of the year. The love of reading is the goal in my classroom! 

I have had the honor of being a First Grade teacher at St. Christopher's for over 30 years! I have had the pleasure of teaching the children of my former students! My husband and I live in Nashua and I have two adult daughters. We have two cats!

1M Moves Onward into October!!!

We begin our 6th week of Grade 1!!!

We've learned the routines

We've made new friends.

So much fun and learning

We hope it never ends!

And the learning fun continues...

RELIGION...God asked Mary to be Jesus' mother and she said yes!,  Jesus Grew up in a family like we do, The Blessed Trinity is 3 Persons in God, Church manners and responses at Mass.  We are also learning about our Guardian Angels and Saints. We will be learning the song  "An Angel Came From Heaven"...about Angel Gabriel asking Mary to be Jesus' mother.  We will also sing this at our annual BARNES AND NOBLE NIGHT in November!

LANGUAGE ARTS...This includes Reading, Phonics, English, Writing and Spelling.

Each week we have new Spelling words that we learn to read and spell in school and practice at home. We encourage the use of SPELLINGCITY.COM to help with this! Spelling tests are given weekly. All children are writing sentences using Upper case letters and correct punctuation at the end.  We use "Inventive Spelling".  Words the children cannot spell or sound out are written using the sounds they hear in the words.  This way the teacher knows if they are hearing individual sounds.  Consonant review and introduction to Short a, i and o has begun!   We are using online short vowel songs to reinforce this!

Each week we are introduced to a new story in our Reading Street by Pearson Anthology. We learn Character, setting, author's purpose and story genre.  Oral, silent reading and comprehension skills are reinforced by using our program online also.  Songs are helping us learn nouns, verbs, adjectives and subject and predicate parts!

MATH... We continue to work on number sequence, counting up to 100, counting back from 20 and writing numbers correctly.  Matching numbers and number words continues. We will begin the concept of addition, counting on, learning facts in our heads and we will begin EXTRAMATH.COM to help with this concept. Continued use of IXL.COM at school and home helps reinforce all math learning!

SCIENCE AND SOCIAL STUDIES... Fire Safety, our Community Firefighters, School Rules, What is an election and why we vote, The President and his job and the White House are our October topics.

CoolOCTOBER is a month of fun learning in 1M!!!Cool




September learning in 1M!

School has started!!!

We're having fun!


Lots of learning has begun!

RELIGION:Creation and the Great Creator is our topic this month. We are discussing differences between living and non living things.

PHONICS: We are reviewing initial and ending consonants. Discussion of vowel and consonant differences is ongoing.

READING: We have begun our Pearson Reading Street formal program.  Character, story genre, setting, and authors purpose is learned.  We are learning about nouns and verbs and sentence structure.

SCIENCE AND SICIAL STUDIES... School rules, people's feelings and differences among people and learning tolerance are September's topic!

MATH... Number and numeral review,  more and less, greater and fewer and number sequence , patterns and addition facts will be reviewed and taught.


????????1M IS A BUSY PLACE IN SEPTEMBER!!!!????????








1M Slides into September!

CoolLet's give a cheer,

September is here!Cool

And 1M is ready to have fun and learn!

Our subjects are: Religion, Reading, Phonics, Writing and English, Math, Science and Social Studies, Gym, Spanish, Computer, Library and Art!

Our days are very busy and packed with learning and fun!

I am anxious to meet all my students at MEET THE TEACHER drop in on Monday August 29 from 9 to 11!

Marvelous learning will happen in 1M this year!

LaughingMrs. MooreLaughing

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