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May News

Mother Mary, Mother Mine

Mother of the Son of God,

Mother of the Eternal World

Mother of the child devine

Mother Mary, Mother mine.



I can't believe this is our LAST full month of school.  We have learned and grown so much this year.  This month, all though it is our last FULL month, it will be a busy one indeed.  Some of what we will be doing and learning about is :

Religion- Our focus  will be on Mother Mary, we will participate in the May Crowning, and pray the rosary.  My students will also learn that we worship God when we pray at Mass, we will discuss what we do at Mass, and learn what it means to grow as diciples of Jesus Christ.

Math- We will continue to review 2 digit addition without regrouping, and I will introduce 2 digit subtraction without regrouping.

Phonics- This month we will continue to learn about inflected endings -ed, -ing, -s, contractions, compound words and high frequency words.

English/ Reading/ Handwriting- The focus will be on comparative endings -er, -est, high frequency words, drawing conclusions, consonant patterns -dge, contractions, vowel digraphs -ai, -ay,-ea possessives, adjectives, verbs, and nouns. We are continuing to choose "Good Fit" books,  to build on our reading skills, checking for fluency, accuracy and comprehension.   will continue working on letter formation, in all our writing activities.

Social Studies/Science- We will read about penquins, dolphins, and insects.  In Social Studies we will learn about the State of New Hampshire.