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March News

Winds of March

Winds of March, we welcome you,

there is work fo you to do.

Work and play and blow all day,

blow the winter cold away.

Here is a peek into what will be happening in 1A in March.


Religion-We will continue to learn about Lent, attend Stations of the Cross each Friday, we will continue to do acts of kindness and or make sacrifices, giving up something we love, tv, video games, etc.   Our class will also learn about the importance of the Three Days, and Easter.

Phonics- The focus this month will be on: discrimating between long and short vowel words, writing long vowel words, identifying sounds of the final y as a vowel, r controlled vowels, high frequency words, initial l, r, s-blends and final blends, digraphs, th, ch, sh, and wh.

Math- We will continue to learn about money, recognizing coins and their values, and finding the value of a group of coins and continue to learn to tell time to the hour and half hour on a digital and analog clock, estimate time, ordinal numbers, and word problems.

Reading/English/Handwriting-We will focus on consonant patterns, ng, nk, high frequency words, compare and contrast, compound words, verbs that add -s, verbs for past and for future, endings -es,ed, ing, fact and opinion, r controlled vowels, or, ore,ar,  author's purpose, and contractions. We are continuing to work on our writing skills, checking for letter formation and neatness.

Social Studies/Science- In Social Studies, we will learn about St. Patrick and Dr. Seuss.  In Science we will focus on weather, and nutrition.


Dates to Remember

8 STEM Fair 5:30

9 Early Release 12:30  NO AFTERCARE

16 St. Patrick's Day free dress down

21 Life Touch Spring Pictures