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February News

Jesus is God's Valentine, Sent to you with Love.


I can't believe we are in our 3rd marking period.  The year is flying by, however there is still much to do and learn.  Read about SOME of the things we will be doing this month!

Religion We will talk about and read how Jesus' words and actions celebrated God's love, and ways we celebrate God's love. I will introduce the 7 Sacraments and discuss their importance to our Catholic faith. That the church welcomes new members at Baptism, and we will learn what is said and done on the day of our baptism!  Lent begins on Wednesday, February 14th, we will learn and read about Lent, and we will attend stations of the cross each week during Lent.

Phonics- We will continue to review the long vowel sounds focusing on long u and e, by writing, reading and recognizing long u and e in words.  We will write long e word families, identify and isolate medial sounds.  I will introduce final y as a vowel and we will learn the long e and i sound of the final y and read and write words with final y as a vowel.

Math We have started Math Olympics and we are off to a great start! This activity helps to build basic math facts in a fun way.  Our class will continue to add numbers with sums of 20 or less.  I will introduce money and time and addition and subtraction to find the missing part of a number sentence. My students will learn to recognize and identify the penny, nickel, dime, quarter and a dollar bill and their value. They will count coins to find their value, recognize groups of coins that show the same amount, and identify coins equivalent to a dollar.  Our focus on time will be learning the difference between an analog and digital clock, telling time to the hour, half hour and elapsed time.

Reading/English/Handwriting Our class will continue to work on fluency and accuracy in our reading.  We will continue to build on our reading strategies (C.A.F.E) to help us improve on our reading skills.  My students will identify, read, and write long u and e words, they will learn about the Author's Purpose for writing a story, inflected ending -ed, singular and plural nouns.  I will introduce comparing and contrasting of characters and stories, syllbles vc/vc, the vowel sound of y, sequence in a story, syllable pattern cv, and review verbs, nouns, and adjectives. In handwriting, we will continue to work on letter formation, and sitting in our best handwriting position.

Science and Social Studies We will learn about groundhogs, the difference between a solid, liquid and a gas, maps, St. Valentine and presidents.


Happy Valentine's Day!