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Happy New Year 2018

Happy New Year!

Welcome back to school today.

I'm so glad that you are here!

We will start the New Year off,

with a little cheer.

I love school!  I'll try so hard!

This New Year will be great!

We'll learn so much and work so hard,

I can hardly wait!

Look at what we will be doing this month!

Math-place value of digits, expanded form, identifying numbers before, between, after, comparing numbers using symbols >, <, and =, ordering numbers, word problems, even and odd numbers, counting by 2, 5 and 10, basic addition and subtraction facts.

Reading/English/Handwriting/Phonics- long a,i,o, High Frequency Words, cause and effect, soft and hard c and g sound, proper nouns, author's purpose, digraphs, wh, ch, tch, special titles, sequence of a story, and contractions. We will continue to practice our writing skills improving letter formation, and writing words with the letters, p, w and t.

Religion-That the church began on Pentecost, the Holy Spirit helped the Church to grow, Apostles led and cared for the Church, the role of bishops to lead and care for the church, the pope leads and cares for the Church, ways the church serves others, the parish joins together to celebrate God's love, is like a family, and works together to help people.


Science/SocialStudies- We will read and explore wild places and wildlife the rain forest, desert, ocean, and the praire, dolphins, hare and weasel,  explore force and recognizing a push is a force and maps. In Social Studies we will read, discuss and learn about Dr. Martin Luther King.