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November News

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day will soon be here

it comes around but once a year

if I could only have my way.

We'd have Thanksgiving every day!

This is one of my favorites months of the year!  We will learn about Pilgrims, Wampanoags, Veterans, and Thanksgiving! Wow! So many interesting topics to discuss, read about and learn why each are so important to us as Americans! We will of course be learning all kinds of other things too this month like:

Religion--We will learn about the church year or the yearly cycle of the church, the people who followed Jesus and what they learned from him, that Jesus taught his followers to pray, The Lord's Prayer and the meaning of the words.

Math--We will use addition strategies to find the sums through 20, addition strategies with three addends, word problems, subtraction, to add and subtract horizontal and vertical form, and use a number line to count back to find the differnece.

Phonics-- Blending, writing and rhyming with short o and u, short a, i, and o review, sing the Vowel Bat and Q and U Stuck Like Glue songs.

English/Reading/Handwriting- The focus will be on: recognizing and identifying short i and o words, High Frequency Words, the plot and summarizing of a story, final x in words, key features of fantasy stories and poems, subjects of the sentence, compare and contrast, consonant (x/ks) read for fluency, characters and setting of a story,predicates of a sentence, plueral -s, and consonant s/z and we will continue working on letter formation by writing stories, our letters and spelling words.

Social Studies/Science- We will learn, read and talk about Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving, Wampanaogs, and Pilgrims. We will also learn about animals that hibernate, and the food groups.

Dates to Remember


1   "Winter" Uniform Dress Begins

Hot Lunch Ordering Begins

All Saints Day Mass 9:15

7    Barnes and Knoble Night  6-7:30


15  Lifetouch Photo Retakes

16  Parent Teacher Conferences

21  Crazy Sock Day

Prayer Service 11:30


29 Christmas Shopping