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Aug/September 1A News

The 2017-2018 School year has begun!  The Meet and Greet went VERY well as I got to meet all of my new students and parents.  I am so excited to begin our school year.  We will focus on learning to be First Graders, getting familiar with rules, routine and work!  This is going to be an exciting year as we learn and grow together.


Some of the things we will be learning:

Relgion- God is our Father, the Blessed Trinity, Jesus grew up in a family,  that God chose Mary to be the Mother of his Son, the story of Jesus' birth and that we are growing as disciples of Jesus Christ.

Phonics-  We will focus on initial, medial and final consonants reading high frequency words and review short vowel sounds.

Math- Review numbers 1-12, solving word problems by finding and eleminating extra information, recognizing and drawing groups with one fewer and one more than the given group, ordering numbers 1-12, using a number line, numbers that are just before, between and just after a given number, ordinal numbers and positions, introduce the (+) and (-) signs, and explore the concept of addition as the joining of groups of objects with sums of 6 or less.

Reading/English/Handwriting- We begin the year reviewing and learning about vowels long and short, nouns, verbs, adjectives, parts of a book, print awareness, characters, setting and plot of a story.  HIgh Frequency Words, realisitic fiction and fantasy, simple sentences, building on our letter formation to improve on pennmenship

Social Studies/Science- School community, rules, routines, friendship, recognizing and identifying different kinds of leaves , Johnny Appleseed,  and parts of an apple.


Dates to remember


Sept. 5  1st Day wearing uniforms

Sept.10-15 Scholastic Book Fair- Library

Sept. 13 Parent Information Night 6:45pm

Sept. 22  Corpus Christi Brown Bag Collection begins

Sept. 25  1st School Mass(Mercy Day Mass) 9:15am

Hot lunch begins

Sept. 28  Corpus Christi Brown Bags due at 9:00am