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May News

The Memorare

Remember, most loving Virgin Mary,

never was it heard

that anyone who turned to you for help

was left unaided.

Inspired by this confidence,

though burdened by my sins,

I run to your protection for you are my mother.

Mother of the Word of God.

do not despise my words of pleading

but be merciful and hear my prayer.



We are in our final full month of school. Wow! I can't believe this school year will be coming to an end so soon.  Luckily, we do have one full month of school to do all the things I've planned. Please read below to see SOME of what we will be doing this month.

Religion-We will focus on the Sacrament of Baptism, we will learn ways members of the Church follow Jesus and share the light of his love, what it means to be a peacemaker, Mother Mary, Saints, and God's forgiveness.

Phonics-r-controlled vowels, ur, er, ir, ar, or, ore review, identify and isolate medial sounds, high frequency words, listen to and discuss non-fiction text, initial blends, and recognizing and writing initial and final blends.

Math- We will continue to review and practice counting money, recognizing and identifying the value of coins, telling time to the hour and half hour.  I will introduce measurement using nonstandard units, estimate and measure length and height, finding the perimeter of different shapes, compare lengths, identify inches, estimate and measure length and height in inches and feet.  And we will begin learning to add double digits with no regrouping, and rounding to the nearest 10.

English/Reading/Writing-As a group we will learn to segment and blend two-syllable words, compare endings -er and -est, draw conclusions,learn about contractions with not, consonant pattern -dge, build fluency, review r-controlled er, ir, ur and contractions, 's, 've, and 're. We will read aloud for fluency and with expression, blend and read words with the vowel digraphs, ai, ay, identify singlular and plural possessives, and we will learn to write a friendly letter. My class will also review nouns, verbs, and adjectives in their writing and in isolation.  Finally, we will continue to build on our handwriting skills focusing on letter formation, and neatness.


Dates to Remember

May 11   Used Book and Uniform Sale 3:30-5:30 Church Hall

May 12   Used book Sale-- All students visit, parents welcome 9:00-2:00 Church hall

May 12   Progress Reports sent home

May 16   Diocesan Convocation- Delta Dental Stadium

May 17   Progress Reports due back to school

May 19   May Crowning 9:15am

May 21   Parish/School Mass 10:00am Church

May 24   Walk to School  8:0am Greeley Park

May 26   Hot Lunch ENDS

May 31   Grades Pre-Kto 2 Spring Concert 10:00am  (doors open at 9:30)