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April News


Open the windows and open the door

And let the fresh breezes blow in,

Jack frost has gone to his home in the north

And all of a sudden it's Spring!


I can't believe there is only two and a half months left of school.  This year is going so fast and there is still so much left to learn and do. Some of the things we will be learning and doing this month are:


Religion-We will learn about the Three Days, Easter,and the 7 sacraments, Baptism, the 1st Grade will be preparing the Holy Thursday Paraliturgy

Phonics/Language Arts/Reading-The focus will be on long e, identifying and isolating medial sounds, discriminate long e words from short e words, sounds of final (y) as a vowel, base words and endings, High Frequency Words, Author's Purpose, r-controlled ar, or, ore,er,ir,ur, verbs for past and future, fact and opinion, contractions, verbs am, is, are, was, were, decode and read words in isolation and in context, spelling words with endings-ed,ing, use past and future tense verbs in context, reading fluency with paired buddies, segment and blend the sounds in words, plot of a story, retelling a narrative, rhyming words, key features of captions and pictures, and sequence.

Math- We will continue to learn about money, recognizing and identifying coins and their values, telling time to the hour and half hour on both an analog and digital clock, elapsed time, esitimate time, order of events, ordinal numbers, measuring length and height with nonstandard untis, compare lengths, inches, feet, perimeter, add multiples of ten, to add 2 digit money with no regrouping, rounding to the nearest ten.

Science and Social Studies-We will be exploring animals, habitats, wind power, earth,rain forest, Mother Theresa, and Ben Franklin

Writing- We will continue to work on letter formation, sentences, stories, and poetry


Dates to Remember

April 1  Family Dance at St. Patrick's Gym 6pm

7  Stations of the 1pm

7 Report Cards sent home

13 Holy Thursday Paraliturgy 9:15



21 Earth Day Free Dress

21 Poetry Slam  1:45 Church Hall


Have a wonderful Easter